Valerio is a Local Pathways Fellow

We are very excited to announce that our Director, Valerio Francia, has joined the SDSN Youth, the global youth initiative of the UN Sustainable Development Solution Network (SDSN), as Local Pathways Fellow.

The Local Pathways program, is a global training program aimed at empowering youth to advance progress on the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development within cities and human settlements.

The program equips the fellows with the knowledge, resources and platform to guide and inform their advocacy and outreach work, and to support their efforts in promoting local understanding, dialogue and problem solving in cities and local communities.

The process of learning and exploration will amplify the impact fellows are already making through their various endeavors and help them become “local SDG advocates”, working to promote public policy dialogue around concrete strategies and initiatives their city needs to adopt to build a better future for its citizens.

Towards the conclusion of the 12-month journey, the fellows will develop an idea for a local initiative aimed at solving one of the pressing problems facing their city. The results of the fellowship will be presented at the World Urban Forum in February 2019 and the High Level Political Forum in July 2019.

Co:UrbanLab will benefit from this journey too, as Valerio will bring knowledge, expertise and strategic vision to our team and to our activities. According to our Manifesto, Co:UrbanLab is committed to give its contribution to more inclusive and sustainable cities and communities. As a think tank made of young people, Co:UrbanLab is a creative, idealistic and ambitious network willing to become key stakeholder of change!

Stay tuned for the updates of Valerio’s journey as Local Pathways Fellow!



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