Meet Francesco Mattioli

Francesco Mattioli is a behavioral psychologist graduated in Applied Psychology at the University of Perugia (2017). His interests range from cognitive game design to the perception of the social and physical environment. At the moment, he is deepening his interest in Cognitive Neuroscience as a Master Student at the University of La Sapienza in Rome. This enables him to explore the interaction between technology and human beings.

Francesco is a member of the Applied Pedagogy Lab of the University of Perugia where he takes part in several research-and-action projects. In his latest project, Francesco locked 4 classes of children and 5 enthusiastic teachers in a school introducing radical changes to their school day routine. Both students and teachers were eager to take part in the research project. Indeed, some witnesses claim that when the children met Francesco, they greeted him with warm hugs and beaming faces. The results of the project are ground-breaking, but we cannot reveal them to you yet.

In 2018, Francesco was one of the recipients of the Italian award “Youth in Action ideas for Sustainable Development Goals”. As a result, he had the opportunity to work at Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation in Milan, one of the most renowned research centers in Italy. Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation contributes to the dissemination of knowledge to the general public through the exploration of fields such as politics, sustainable development, education and the relationship between public spaces and residents.

Francesco has a peculiar attitude towards finding solutions to all kinds of problems with a multidisciplinary approach which intertwines both scientific and humanistic aspects.